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  • 20. 바카라사이트 (site web) | 18/05/2019
Will what I say be heard? Is it worth spending the time making a comment if it’ll be lost amongst the many that have already been written?
Maybe you can write a post about encouraging people to join conversation that is already quite busy or even a post about being heard among dozens of other voices that are commenting.
  • 21. 카지노사이트 (site web) | 18/05/2019
Great advice, but it can be a tricky thing to navigate, depending mostly on the audience and niche you’re writing in. People can find that “what do you think?” sort of open ended post to be either 1) tonally looking down on them or 2) not authoritative.
That said, I do think the conversation and community comments create are the lifeblood of a blog, so focusing on increasing them is really important.
  • 22. 카지노사이트 (site web) | 18/05/2019
When I read a blog asking, “What do you think?” my automatic answer is, “I think I need more coffee. S’cuze me, brb.” There are way better ways to word your conclusions and questions to interest people and make them want to put down a comment. “What do you think,” would be one way *not* to attract comments, because it basically says, “Please, I need your comments badly,” and people pick up on that.
Good one – leave some stones unturned. People get excited when they feel they’ve discovered something great or one-upped you (honestly). But personally, I’d hint that the stones are there  Nothing wrong with a little clue to the treasure hunt.
  • 23. 바카라사이트 (site web) | 18/05/2019
If you are a blogger looking for traffic, you will not comment. If you are a reader looking for interaction, you will. I can understand your thoughts, though – it’s like walking into a noisy bar wondering how the hell you’ll talk to your buddy. 
On the other hand, with a self-hosted WordPress site you have full control over every aspect of it from the get-go. That way, you can maximize the potential of your website. Of course, with control also comes responsibility. So, it’s up to you to educate yourself on how to properly run and maintain your website.
  • 24. 온라인카지노 (site web) | 18/05/2019
Is there a point of too much? Yes. I visit blogs that have over 50 entries of “Great post! Yay!” and by number three, I’m bored and I’m gone.
I’d like to add that the way you are responding and even opening the ideas up more in the comments section, keeps the thread going and may provide more ideas for a reader. Sometimes a post gets a few responses and just dies, frequently because everybody just wants to get their 2¢ in and they aren’t really taking in the whole conversation.”

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